Friday, April 8, 2011

Take a Note, Attachment Letters Senders :)

Assalamualaikum, dear comrades.

Attachment letters.

Gen2welve members who sent their attachment letters, your signed letters are already with me, we may need to meet up to pass you the letters and for me to brief you regarding the procedures asked by Dr Shahrin for you to adhere to. Is it possibble for us to meet up this friday? Head of posting (HOP) please confirm with me your timetable so I can arrange the meeting.

Start of 4th year.

There rumours going around mentioning that there is possibilities of our 4th year would starts in July because certain medical schools i.e UKM, UM, USM etc are going to start early instead of starting in September.To clear up the air, I have personally asked Dr Shahrin, our deputy dean of academic affairs and he denied the whole thing. He mentioned, UIA would still starts in September as endorsed in the 367th Senate held on 25th February 2011. Please refer the following link:

InsyaAllah, any important announcements would be sent via tenteikura in order to inform all. Please let others who didnt have FB know regarding these issues. Thank you, take care, wassalam.

Wan Muhammad Muizzuddin Shah Bin Zulkiffli